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Why I started Predupre

With a career background that started as a 6th-grade teacher then advanced to Human Resource and Investor Relations, I’ve always been naturally curious about communications and connecting with people.

As part of my role in Investor Relations, where my primary responsibility was to communicate with external investors, I was curious about how the use of social media as a communication platform could enhance our company recognition. I saw how it could affect and influence others, and now I want to use it to go deeper and broader on topics I am passionate about – fashion, beauty, and travel!

What to expect on Predupre

On this blog, you’ll get inspiration for everyday style with the occasional splurge (because who doesn’t deserve a splurge!). Not only will I be sharing my tips for everyday fashion, beauty, and travel, but I will occasionally feature other topics from people in my community who are experts in their fields!

I am so excited to share with you everything I love, so if there’s anything you’d like to see on the blog, or even if you want to say “hi”, be sure to send me an email or a message on Instagram!